We Take Care of Your IT and Computers

So you can take care of your business

We know you want to focus on your business and your customers – not your computers and IT. So we provide a complete IT support service. Our proactive support contracts ensure you can do just that. We will be your expert IT team, proactively preventing problems before they arise. Giving you the expertise and advice you need to stay competitive. Resolving problems quickly. So you, and your people, can get on with what you love doing the most.

We tailor our IT support to you, your business and your people. So you can be sure you will get exactly the type of support you need. If you know nothing about computers we will do it all for you. If you have office experts, we will be there when they need help. We know that every organisation is different so we offer flexible solutions tailored to you – from pay as you go ad hoc support, to proactive weekly/monthly support contracts.

Since 1995 we have been helping businesses manage their IT in Bury St Edmunds, Colchester, Hadleigh, Halstead and Sudbury. Why not find out more about how we can help you?

We Can Help With

  • Backups
  • Business email
  • Business software
  • IT support contracts
  • Cloud solutions
  • Computer hardware
  • Computer support
  • Connectivity and Internet
  • Independent consultancy
  • Internet speed issues
  • Internet security
  • Managed IT support
  • Microsoft Windows servers
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Office 365
  • Office relocation or set up
  • Proactive support
  • Project management
  • Routers
  • Server audits
  • Server installations
  • Technical documentation
  • VPN
  • Wired and wireless networks
"TTL have been instrumental in supporting KEGS’ IT for a number of years and have been instrumental in our provision of a phenomenally flexible and reliable ICT infrastructure that meets the needs of an outstandingly successful 21st century school."

How We Help Other Businesses

CARS Europe

We Help The IT Manager

We Fit Our Service to You

As the company has expanded, so has the type of service we have provided. From providing ad hoc support, through visiting regularly to act as a part-time IT department, to now providing technical support to the IT manager.
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Goody Burrett

Proactive IT Support

We Take Care Of Your IT

Goody Burrett asked us to provide a more proactive and personal service. We visit every two months to check onsite that everything is running smoothly and staff have no ‘irritating niggles’.
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KallKwik Bury St Edmunds

Ad hoc IT Support

Help When You Need It

Kall Kwik normally handle the simple day-to-day IT issues that arise in a busy firm themselves and just call on us when they have a more technical problem or need advice.
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Do you trust your IT company to be there for your business?

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