5 Tips to help you design your website

There are lots of things to consider when designing a website, but here our our top 5…

1. What is The Goal of Your Site?

An obvious question I hear you say, but do you want it to be:

  • A brochure site – a place customers can go to get more information about you and your business
  • An online shop – a place where customers can buy your products
  • A validation site – somewhere potential customers can check you out to see whether you are the company that they want to do business with
  • A call to action site – a place you want people searching the web to come to and then phone / contact / book you as a result
  • All of the above

Whatever your goal is, it is worthwhile thinking about it beforehand as each one will result in very different website content and structure.

2. What is Essential?

Another obvious question, but it is easy to get carried away with pages when designing a website.  So ask yourself what is absolutely essential to the site and then build it around this important core.  And make sure you don’t water down the essential message.  So what is essential?

  • Great copy?
  • Fantastic photos of your products?
  • Credibility – experience, testimonials?
  • Search Engine Optimisation – regular blogs and updating of the site?
  • Call to action – Telephone Us, Ask for a Quote?

3. Do You Need A Mobile Friendly Version?

More and more people are now using SmartPhones to view websites.  If a substantial portion of your target audience is likely to be using mobile devices,  discuss this with your website developer beforehand as you may need to budget more for mobile editing.  Also, consider your fonts carefully, to ensure that they will display well on both PC and mobile devices.

4. Ensure The Site Loads Quickly

If you are based in London this might not be such an issue, but many of our customers have slow broadband.  Also, mobile devices are relatively slow.  So keep your image file sizes small and your web pages simple (the busier the page the more there is to download).

5. What Will You Need To Update Yourself

All website developers will be happy to update your website but there are cost implications to this, so it is worthwhile thinking beforehand about what you will want to update yourself.  The way a website is created will affect how easy it is to update your website.  WordPress is the easiest in our opinion.  Joomla and Drupal take a little learning and you might find yourself asking the website developer lots of questions and for help, so make sure they are happy to do this and confirm beforehand the likely charge.  If you are not an html expert then this will be the most difficult and costly site to update.

Ask yourself what you will want to update – text blogs, text and picture blogs, page text, product descriptions, product photos.  Then discuss this with your developer and get hands on experience of how easy it will be for you, or key personnel, to make the updates you need.

Rebecca Mansbridge
January 2015