5 quick time saving tips to help you manage your social media

With the increased importance of social media in marketing, more and more business owners are finding that they need to spend time tweeting, posting, commenting and such like.  As a technology company we have been exploring Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter for some time.  We don’t class ourselves as social media experts and are sure that a full time social media consultant would do a lot better.  However, here are our tips on how to manage it yourself and still have a life!

1.    Use Your SmartPhone Apps

  • Firstly, SmartPhone Apps enable you to quickly keep up-to-date with what your customers are saying on your sites wherever you are, and at all times of the day.  This is important as people expect a quick reply to a social media complaint should you be unlucky enough to receive one.  SmartPhone Apps will ‘ping’ at you every time you get activity.  Personally, I would recommend that you train yourself to ignore this and just check it once in the morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Secondly, SmartPhones enable you to quickly take a photo and upload it, and photos definitely get more prominence on a lot of the social media sites.  Unfortunately this is not something we are able to capitalise on much at TTL – few of our customers are really interested in seeing pictures of computers and their innards!
  • Thirdly, SmartPhone Apps are brilliant at enabling you to be active on your social media when you get pockets of ‘down’ time.  Such as when on a train, travelling as a passenger in a car, sitting in a waiting room (assuming you are permitted to use your phone of course), etc, etc.  It takes less than 5 minutes to think up and make a quick posting – that’s job done for the day.

2.    Use Hootsuite, or something similar

In the past some of the social media sites penalised you if you post just through Hootsuite and such like.  Programs like Hootsuite do, however, enable you to schedule posts for the future.  In half a day, I can schedule 6 month’s posts.  I personally find this a lot more manageable than putting aside time every day.  It enables me to ensure that there are always at least two posts a week on my social media.  This means that even if I am especially busy, no-one is going to visit my site and find that there has been no action on it for months.  I still post ‘live’ about what is happening at TTL, technology, etc. when I get a free moment but it does take some of the pressure away.

3.    Integrate it with your other marketing

Not just because it is good marketing, but also because it is another time saver.  If you write an article for the press, or do a MailChimp mailing, then make it into a blog and post a comment and a link to that blog on your social media.  That’s obvious I hear you say!  I know, but it is so easy when you are busy to focus on getting the latest bit of marketing done in time and forget that you might be able to use it elsewhere.  One blog goes to our website blog, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and either Best of Sudbury or About My Area.  So one blog goes a long way at TTL.

4.    Keep Your Chats Short

The whole point of social media is to be social – interact with other people.  It is therefore important to have conversations, comment on posts, etc.  I personally have found that this part of social media has been great for raising Technology Tamed’s profile. I have learnt to keep the posts short though.  It’s more likely to get read and, if it’s pertinent, will still get attention.

5.    Pick Your Social Media

As a technology company we are expected to be on all the major social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn.  If I was in a different business I would not be signed up to all of these.  I would pick just one or two of them and do them really, really well.  That would save me personally a lot of time.

If you would like help with the technical aspects of Social Media we are happy to help.

Rebecca Mansbridge
February 2015