Back to the Basics: What Updates do I need to run

Recently I have had a lot of ‘Silver Surfers’ and many younger people comment that they are frustrated that they don’t understand the ‘basics’ of using computers.  So, in the hope that it will help, I am writing a series of blogs on the basics.  I will do my best to not use ‘techy’ language here.  Please feel free to pass on and share with family and friends. I will start with computer updates.

I will start this series with one of the most often asked questions…

What Updates Do I Need To Run, and Why?

I find that many people worry about updates because they fear they will download a virus or malware.  Ironically, many of the updates exist to give you better protection.  It can be very confusing to know what is safe, and what is not.  So, below I give you a little more information about the updates I get queries about most frequently.

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