Browsing the Internet is too slow

As we do so much more via the Internet this is now a frequent complaint.   There are lots of reasons for slow Internet browsing, but the good news is some can be easy to sort.

Browser Used

There are lots of browser programs available.  There used to be a big difference in browser performance, but recently performance in the main five (Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera) has improved.  See the links below for technical reviews and tests.  The bulk of the browsing experience involves HTML and here Google Chrome and Opera are the leaders.  Opera is also the leader for games and interactive websites.

Be aware that speed should not be your only criteria. 

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Getting more out of Microsoft Exchange server

Microsoft Exchange Server is a real heavyweight when it comes to mail server applications. Its range of features, integration with other Microsoft products and, until a few years ago, its affordability (when provided as part of Windows Small Business Centre), pretty much made it the default choice for small businesses. What follows are a few pointers, tips and ideas to help you get more from your Exchange Server. This article has been based on Exchange Server 2010 but most of the advice is equally applicable to other versions.

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