April 2017 Technology News Round Up

Our news round up April includes, includes the ending of support of Vista and the possibility that Toshiba may cease to trade. There are hints of a possible future where cars will be fuelled at work and groceries be delivered by robots. In the meantime there is more about the Microsoft Creators update.

Toshiba’s Future in Doubt

PriceWaterhouseCooper Aarata refused to sign off Toshiba’s company accounts this month. With the result that the company announced that it may cease to trade. It’s losses for the year are expected to be around £3.8 billion. There is more about the problems with Toshiba here.

Vodafone is scrapping roaming charges in 40 countries

Vodafone Roaming Charges map

New contracts (or upgraded contracts) will enable you to use your phone throughout the EU and some other countries for no additional cost.  More details here. This is in advance of the EU regulations that are coming.

More about Windows 10 Creators Update

Image of Windows Creator Update

Microsoft have started rolling out Windows 10 Creators. Most of the features are aimed at home users, with night light, better 3d, more gaming features. Things that may be of interest to businesses are the new security features, Skype has been updated and there is more control over Windows Updates. Here is a summary of what is new.

Microsoft Ends Support for Windows Vista

Windows Vista logo

Microsoft ended support for Vista this month – read more here. Vista was one of their least popular operating systems but did pioneer features we take for granted today.



Get an alert when your data does something unusual

Pulse is a new tool that can alert you to results you need to know about. You tell it what you want it to watch and it will tell you if there is a change that is not expected. For example sales results. Click here and you will see it integrates with databases, CRM systems, Excel, Google Adwords, Zendesk and a lot more. Here is a summary of how it works.

3-d printed parts for Boeing planes

3d printed part for Boeing

I am constantly reading how 3-d printers are being used now to create everything (from medical parts to a house). This month the FAA approved 3-d printed parts for Boeing planes. I thought that was worth mentioning as it is the first time I have read of 3d printed parts being approved by an organisation as rigorous as the aviation industry. A sign of how 3-d printing is now part of the traditional manufacturing industry and is promising to reduce costs. Click here to read more.

Get your car fuelled whilst at work and groceries delivered by a robot

Image of Booster Fuel Truck

I have doubts these will ever get to places like Sudbury, but it is interesting how modern technology is changing the way that services are delivered. Booster has been fuelling cars in company car ‘lots’ in Dallas for over a year and are planning to roll it out worldwide. Click here to learn more. Marble are now delivering groceries via robots in San Francisco – (last year JustEat trialled delivering lunch in Greenwich via robot).

Robot of the Month and Medical Advance of the Month

Toyota Robotic Leg Brace

Sometimes robots and medicine combine. This month my attention was caught by a robotic leg brace which is helping patients with partial paralysis walk again. Click here to find out more.

Rebecca Mansbridge
Technology Tamed

April 2017