Microsoft Stopping Support for Office 2010

Microsoft are stopping support for Microsoft Office 2010 in October this year (which means that they will stop issuing security updates). As a result we are getting lots of people ask us about what their options are to replace this software. So we thought a summary of the most common solutions used by our customers may help to give you a starting point.

Options for Home

You have lots of options here, so let me ask you some questions.

Do you really need Microsoft Office?

If all you do is write the odd letter once a month or a very simple spreadsheet and get all your emails via a web browser, then we find most customers are happy with OpenOffice. There are many other free options that you could check out such as Google Docs and LibreOffice.

Cost: Free.

Do you just need Word and Excel on one device at home?

Then consider purchasing Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 for one person on 1 PC. This is a one off purchase.

Note if you prefer to make a one off purchase but want an email application, you could take this option and use Mozilla Thunderbird as your email app. This is free and we find most people like this as an alternative to Micrsosoft Outlook (it is particularly good for people who miss Outlook Express).

Cost: £120, one off price

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Surfing on a Tablet

Do you need Word, Excel and Outlook wherever you are, via the Internet?
Do you need Word, Excel and Outlook on more than one device?

If you do then you could consider an Office 365 Personal account, for one person, across all your devices.

Cost: £60 per year (annual subscription price)

Do other people at home need Word, Excel and Outlook?

In this case your cheapest option might be Office 365 Home account, which can be used by up to 6 people across multiple devices.

Cost: £80 per year (annual subscription price)

Options for Businesses

Again there are so many versions of Office for business that it is easy to end up paying too much. Many smaller businesses don’t use all of the features that come with Office 365 such as Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Business Teams. So what do you choose?

Do you just need Microsoft Office on one device?

If you are planning to just use Word, Excel and Outlook on just one device, then purchasing Microsoft Office Home and Business should be considered. When you calculate the costs over 4/5 years, this is the cheapest option.

Many of our customers purchase Office 365 Business Essentials for their email and Office Home and Business for Word, Excel, etc.

Cost: £250, one off purchase

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Do you need to access your Microsoft Office from several devices?
Do you need access to a central data storage system online?

Office 365 is your best option if you need to access Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel on several devices (work computer, tablet, phone for example). Microsoft Office 365 Business if you just need Word and Excel. Business Premium also provides email and Sharepoint (a shared storage area for files).

Cost: £7.90 per month (annual commitment) for 365 Business – if you don’t need email.
Cost: £9.40 per month (annual commitment) for 365 Business Premium – if you do need email (includes Exchange, Sharepoint and Teams).

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Rebecca Mansbridge
March 2020