Headphones and Headsets When Working From Home

Working from home it is often difficult to filter out background noise. There are lots of great noise cancelling headsets available. Or, you might find it vital to be able to speak while you are moving around (so you can quickly hug a loved one). So here are some tips:

What Do You Need?

  • How long will you be using them? If you are just going to be popping them on for a 5 minute chat once a day, you can probably get away with something a lot cheaper than if you will have them on all day.
  • What do you find most comfortable? Headsets that rest on your ears or ones that cover the ear? In-ear headphones?
  • Do you want to be able to walk away from your phone? Wired headsets and sets normally give the best signal. Wireless ones give you the best freedom of movement.
  • Do you need noise reduction? Do you need to ensure no-one else hears what is being said to you? 
  • How much do you want to pay? Can they be used for something else? As well as needing to consider your budget, you might want to consider whether they can be used for anything else at home. If, for example, they could be the perfect answer to zoning out your loved one’s dodgy music taste you might be tempted to pay more…

Quick Summary of The Different Types


Most people seem to be using mobile phones when working from home. These normally come with in-ear headsets, which fit into the ear canal. Some are brilliant and are the cheapest solution if you only need to make a few 5 minute chats a day. Some provide noise cancellation too. However, many people find them uncomfortable for long periods of time. Also, they can’t be quickly put on when the phone rings.

On-Ear and Over-Ear

These surround or cup your ear. Closed back ones keep the sound in – preventing others from hearing the person who is chatting to you. They can come with top quality sound and great noise cancellation. Over-Ear tend to be the bigger bulkier ones and some people find them too bulky. On-ear are the ones that are most often used in offices. They are light, easy to take on and off, plus they provide some noise cancellation.

We can’t recommend this site, but to give you an idea of the options available…  https://www.ligo.co.uk/buying-guide/top-10-best-home-office-headsets/

Rebecca Mansbridge
April 2020