How Covid-19 Is Changing your IT

The Government has said that it will slowly be allowing us out of lockdown and has encouraged businesses to get back to work. So I thought it might be useful to explore how Covid-19 is changing your IT and what does this mean for your and your business.

Working From Home Longer Term

Working From Home

Lots of businesses have successfully moved to working from home. At the moment, it seems likely that this is going to continue for some time, at least for vulnerable employees. In addition, many businesses may find that in the longer term some home working will be a permanent feature of their business. Some are actively encouraging it to reduce overheads.

So in the future some employees may be splitting their time between the office and home. So how is Covid-19 changing your IT and what does this mean for your business?

Should you move to a VPN solution?

It is the most secure way to work from home. So if home working is going to be long term it is worthwhile.

Do you need access to some of your files via the Cloud?

If so what is the best way to do this? Do you need everything moved to the Cloud, or just some files?

How secure and suitable are the ‘home’ computers being used for your business.

The majority of people seem to be using home computers. What Internet security are they using?
Who else has access to these computers?

Do you need to consider BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for employees?

If it is likely some employees will move to working both from home and in the office?

Is their Internet fast enough?

If you are paying someone £50 an hour and an hour a day is being wasted because of Internet issues, this question is worth asking. Check out our blog on this Why Is My Internet So Slow?

Moving Back To The Office

Many businesses are starting to think about what will be involved in moving back to their office. Some are already doing this. What are your IT considerations?

Will desks need to be moved to ensure employees are 2 metres apart?

If so do you need more cabling? New network points? Or can you just get away with some loose laid cabling and some switches?

Do employees share desks?

If so, is there space for them to have individual desks. If not should you buy them each their own keyboard and mouse set? How are you going to ensure the desk and all it’s contents are ‘clean’.

Will you be making use of rooms in your office that have previously been empty – to give people distance.

If so, are there network points in that room?

Never Moving Back To The Office

IT Networks Support and Installation

We have talked to some customers who have already decided to never move back to their office. Others are thinking about downsizing to smaller offices and having a combination of home workers and office workers.

  • Where is your ‘shared’ data going to be stored?
  • How are you going to communicate with employees? Teams and such like?
  • How are you going to monitor and assist with work in progress? Joint diaries and To Do lists? Specialist apps?

The way we are all working has changed and some of these changes may be with us in the longer term, so now is a good time to start thinking about what is bad and what is good about the changes. What are you and your employees struggling with most – can you make changes to improve that? Would some of the changes you have made give your business more flexibility in the longer term? Reduce your costs? Improve communications? Give you a bigger pool of potential workers you could tap into?

As always, if you would like any help and advice, just phone.

Rebecca Mansbridge
May 2020