About Us and Why We Started Technology Tamed 

When Glen Mansbridge founded Technology Tamed in 1995 he felt strongly that there were too many IT professionals bamboozling people and businesses. He wanted to help individuals and businesses ‘tame their technology’. With Technology Tamed it is not about us, but about you and your goals.

His ethos is that we should always consider ourselves part of your ‘team’, not just a ‘supplier’. It is not the technology that excites us. Instead, it is how we can use it to enable your people and business to work better, easier, more efficiently, more competitively.


About Us: The Directors

Glen Mansbridge

Glen Mansbridge

Before starting Technology Tamed, I worked in support environment, firstly for Hewlett Packard and then Philips, followed by a four-year stint working in the NHS. Working in such roles made me appreciate the importance of high-quality IT support. Including the need to remain calm, be professional at all times and always endeavour to deliver what is promised. I realised that IT support is as much about people as technology. The ability to remove the stress and angst caused by technology not behaving itself is something that I have always derived much satisfaction from!

My ethos is to ensure my clients are looked after to the best of our abilities. This attitude is shared by all of us at Technology Tamed. Most of our clients have been with us for many, many years. New clients for whom we believe we can make a real, positive difference to their IT are always welcome!

Rebecca Mansbridge

Rebecca Mansbridge

I love IT support as good IT support makes lives easier. Reducing irritating problems, making computers and systems work faster and more efficiently. Empowering people to use their computers with confidence.

I believe the key to excellent IT is listening. Only then can I work out what the customer needs. Only then, can I give you the best IT solution. Whether that is by installing new technology, helping you manage your existing IT, or providing training.

Through the 20+ years since jointly starting Technology Tamed with Glen, I have seen the difference great IT can make to the lives of people. Especially as everyone are so dependent on their computers, tablets, smart phones and Internet to function.

Our Service

We pride ourselves on a flexible service that fits you. Our support ranges from helping a small business with less than half a dozen computers to assisting key company personnel to manage their servers and support dozens of computers. We can do this because we have never believed in ‘one size fits all’ packages and so we are experienced in adapting to your IT needs.

Everyone at Technology Tamed are proud that we are consistently complemented about our personal service. We are passionate about proactive IT support that helps to prevent problems occurring in the first place. 75% of new customers come via recommendation – proof of the excellent, knowledgeable and professional service we provide. 

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