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About Us

About Us

More about us and how we help you Tame your Technology

Why we do it

When Glen Mansbridge founded Technology Tamed in 1995 he felt strongly that there were too many IT professionals bamboozling people and businesses. He wanted to help individuals and businesses 'tame their technology'. His ethos is that we should always consider ourselves part of your 'team', not just a 'supplier'. It is about us and what we want. It is not the technology that excites us, but how we can use it to make people and businesses work better, easier, more efficiently, more competitively.

We are consistently complemented about our personal service and proactive IT support that helps to prevent problems occurring in the first place. 75% of new customers come via recommendation - proof of the excellent, knowledgeable and professional service we provide. We always aim to do that little bit extra that makes a big difference.

How we do it

We believe passionately that you should be in control of your IT. So we don't just support your IT, we are happy to pass our knowledge on, empower you, train you, do our best to reduce costs and discuss your options with you. Everything to ensure your are driving your IT forward in the way that is right for your business.

We pride ourselves on a flexible service that fits you. Our support ranges from helping one person with a single computer to supporting IT professionals within organisations with hundreds of computers. We can do this because we have never believed in 'one size fits all' packages and we adapt to you and your IT needs.


"Excellent service.  I have been a customer of  TTL for a number of years now and have received prompt professional service on each and every occasion.  The people are very friendly and put you at ease at a time when you think you may throw your computer out of the window.  So thank you Rebecca and Glen and all the staff at TTL for keeping me sane."

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