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Be careful of recent update KB4480970 on servers. This Microsoft update stopped one of our customers from accessing all the shared drives on the server. When they tried to access the mapped drive or browse to the server they got an error message "The handle is invalid".

Uninstalling Microsoft Update KB4480970 from the server resolved this issue. (We had also previously uninstalled KB4480055 - we don't think this caused the issue, but just in case it is a combination of both updates, you may need to hide both.)

We are going to temporarily hide this update on our customers servers. To hide it you first have to download it.

Go into Windows Updates and select View update history. Right click on the update and select Hide update. This will ensure it is not installed. Note it is easy to unhide this update and install it at a later date.

Rebecca Mansbridge
January 2019

Making your Passwords Unique for Every Website Can be Easy

Image of a person entering a computer password

I personally change my password ‘system’ every year and recently I was really pleased that I do this as I received a scam email that listed my password as… ...continue reading "Making your Passwords Unique for Every Website Can be Easy."

We have had a couple of customers contact us as they are unable to install Windows 10 updates because there is insufficient free space - they bought a computer with a hard drive too small. They can’t elect not to install Windows updates, as Windows 10 does not let you do this. They can’t install Windows 10 updates because the tablet/computer has a very small hard drive. So they are stuck in a Catch 22 situation. This has effectively rendered them unusable.

So please be careful when you buy Windows 10 tablets or computers that you have enough hard drive capacity – our minimum recommendation is a 256 GB SSD. Smaller may be cheaper, but you may live to regret it.

Rebecca Mansbridge
December 2018


There are so many versions of Office 365 that it is easy to end up paying too much. Many of a smaller businesses don't use all of the features that come with Office 365 such as Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Business Teams. So are you paying the right subscription for your business? ...continue reading "Don’t Pay More Than You Need To For Office 365"

Now is a good time to start thinking about replacing or upgrading your Windows 7 computers. Microsoft have said that they will stopping Windows 7 support on 14th January 2020 – this means they will stop issuing security updates. Once this happens your computer security could be compromised (as happened with the old Windows XP computers when they stopped issuing updates).

So we are recommending that you start putting an upgrade plan into place – this will enable you to spread the cost (and there may be no cost at all, other than time).

So think about your old computers and decide whether to...

Problem computerSCRAP IT

If you have old computers sitting around not being used, then ensure you dispose of them before 2020.

Don't forget to wipe the hard drive - be safe.


Many business computers came installed with Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 but had valid Windows 10 licences. These can be upgraded at no cost.

Buying ComputersREPLACE IT

If it’s old then by 2020 it might be time to replace the computer anyway.

If you have a lot of computers that will need replacing start now and spread the cost.


If none of these options are available then you can buy a Microsoft upgrade licence for Windows 10. To check if a computer is suitable for upgrading go to To buy Windows 10 Professional go to Note that if you don't need the computer to connect to a Microsoft Windows server, then Home version is cheaper, and also it is worth checking out Amazon and similar sites as you can often get a valid licence cheaper there too.


We can help you with...

  • Advice: whether it is worth upgrading, what to buy new, etc...
  • Computer audit: so you know which to scrap, upgrade, replace...
  • Computer upgrades: guiding you through upgrades or doing it all for you...

Rebecca Mansbridge
October 2018

Just to let you know that we are moving office - but not far.

We will be moving from Unit 3 to Unit 2. So from
4th October...

Our new address will be
Technology Tamed Limited
Unit 2
Stour Valley Business Centre
Brundon Lane
CO10 7GB

If you are visiting us, that means that we will be in the building that is to the left when you drive in through the gates. On the ground floor - so no more walking up those stairs.

Recently we have had a couple of companies contact us with their Microsoft email addresses compromised. In one case the passwords that the person had used was a weak – just a simple 7 letter word. So we are recommending that customers ensure that they use strong passwords. ...continue reading "Security: Some Microsoft Email Accounts Getting Hacked"

Recently we have had a couple of customers phone us because all their desktop icons had disappeared, very distressed. Chatting to them it turned out that the problem is computers booting into Tablet Mode. 
So if you suddenly find that you have...
  • No easy access to your desktop
  • No program/app icons on your Taskbar
  • Just lots of tiles on your monitor
Then check if your computer has booted into Tablet Mode.
How to get out of it?
  1. Click on the Windows Start icon
  2. Select the Settings cog
  3. Click on System
  4. Select Tablet Mode
  5. Check When I sign in….

Rebecca Mansbridge
August 2018

We are pleased to welcome Simon Leach to our team. Simon will be working three days a week from September and will be helping with IT support (and with Healthy Practice support in 2019).

I asked Simon to tell us a little bit about himself... ...continue reading "We are Pleased to Welcome Simon to our Team"

Image of a person and email

Based on numerous conversations we have had with businesses as they work through their GDPR compliance, there appears to be some confusion with GDPR and email.  Particularly whether they can continue to communicate with their clients or whether they now have to get explicit consent to do so. These communications may take the form of emails or text messages or newsletters. Hopefully this will help... ...continue reading "GDPR: Do you need to email everyone to get permission to contact them?"

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