Unable to install Windows 10 Updates Because of Insufficient Free Space

We have had a couple of customers contact us as they are unable to install Windows 10 updates because there is insufficient free space – they bought a computer with a hard drive too small. They can’t elect not to install Windows updates, as Windows 10 does not let you do this. They can’t install Windows 10 updates because the tablet/computer has a very small hard drive. So they are stuck in a Catch 22 situation. This has effectively rendered them unusable.

So please be careful when you buy Windows 10 tablets or computers that you have enough hard drive capacity – our minimum recommendation is a 256 GB SSD. Smaller may be cheaper, but you may live to regret it.

Rebecca Mansbridge
December 2018

Technology Tamed are Moving Office

Just to let you know that we are moving office – but not far.

We will be moving from Unit 3 to Unit 2. So from
4th October…

Our new address will be
Technology Tamed Limited
Unit 2
Stour Valley Business Centre
Brundon Lane
CO10 7GB

If you are visiting us, that means that we will be in the building that is to the left when you drive in through the gates. On the ground floor – so no more walking up those stairs.

Computers Booting into Tablet Mode

Recently we have had a couple of customers phone us because all their desktop icons had disappeared, very distressed. Chatting to them it turned out that the problem is computers booting into Tablet Mode. 
So if you suddenly find that you have…
  • No easy access to your desktop
  • No program/app icons on your Taskbar
  • Just lots of tiles on your monitor

Then check if your computer has booted into Tablet Mode.
How to get out of it?
  1. Click on the Windows Start icon
  2. Select the Settings cog
  3. Click on System
  4. Select Tablet Mode
  5. Check When I sign in….

Rebecca Mansbridge
August 2018

GDPR: Do you need to email everyone to get permission to contact them?

Image of a person and email

Based on numerous conversations we have had with businesses as they work through their GDPR compliance, there appears to be some confusion with GDPR and email.  Particularly whether they can continue to communicate with their clients or whether they now have to get explicit consent to do so. These communications may take the form of emails or text messages or newsletters. Hopefully this will help…

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GDPR and Passwords

With GDPR password security is more and more important as it is one of the most elementary parts of computer security. Yet lots of customers tell me that remembering passwords is a real problem. Ideally every password should be a totally random mixture of characters, but for many this is too challenging. So here are some tips on GDPR and passwords and how to create passwords that are not ideal but may be acceptable.

Image of a person entering a computer password

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