5 quick time saving tips to help you manage your social media

With the increased importance of social media in marketing, more and more business owners are finding that they need to spend time tweeting, posting, commenting and such like.  As a technology company we have been exploring Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter for some time.  We don’t class ourselves as social media experts and are sure that a full time social media consultant would do a lot better.  However, here are our tips on how to manage it yourself and still have a life!

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How to Prevent RSI when using Computers

Glen, Julie and I have all suffered from muscle strains as a result of our work and I know of at least two customers who have suffered RSI problems.  With the popularity of smartphones, iPads and touchscreens such problems have increased, so I thought you might find this a useful blog.  I am an IT professional not an expert in ergonomics, so I have shamelessly surfed the net.  Please note that we are not certified medical professionals. We have done our best to gather information on Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) from good sources on the Internet. You should consult a medical professional to get medical advice on RSI.

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The Windows vs Mac Debate

With the increasing prevalence of Apple products in use (iPhones, iPads, iMacs, etc.) we get frequent enquiries from home and business users asking us whether an iMac may be more suitable for their needs.  The Windows vs Mac enquiry is often prompted by a family member who is already an Apple convert.  Or it maybe because the aesthetics of a beautiful 27” iMac appeal!  Deciding which is best for you can be tricky, so here are some questions.

1.      What software do you need to use?

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Is free anti-virus software safe to use

Image of person breaking into a computer

Although the cheapest option, do ask yourself if free anti-virus software safe to use at least once a year

Any free anti-virus software can initially be brilliant but not so effective a few years later.   The efficiency of anti-virus software programs can vary year on year.  So we would recommend that you don’t assume that the free anti-virus software you installed years ago is still the best option. It may well be, but it is worthwhile spending five minutes checking out your options every two or three years.

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Tips to Help You Manage Your Emails

Image of a person with a pile of Inbox emails

We have noticed that some customers have love/hate relationships with their Inbox. Some tell us that the constant stream of emails is one of the biggest causes of stress.  This is being made worse by Smartphones, which mean that customers have no escape from e-mails at home or when on holiday.  So, in the hope that it may help, here are some tips to help you manage your emails.  Tips that might make life a little less pressured.

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