Tips to Help Businesses

Practical Advice For Businesses During Coronavirus (Covid-19)

On this page we are planning to collect all the practical advice for businesses that we find that might be helpful during the coronavirus (covid-19) lockdown. We will be focusing on technology tips for working from home, links to sites that help with the financial challenges during lockdown, links to sites that will help businesses plan, market and survive covid-19 challenges, plus tips to help with the mental health of yourself and your workforce.

Please note we cannot personally endorse, recommend or confirm any of the information on the sites mentioned. 

We hope it helps.


Free help during Covid-19

Free Help

Loads of companies are offering apps / advice / training and other services for free. This page gives a very comprehensive list of what is available from apps to help you manage your cash flow, through assistance with setting up online, help with marketing and a lot, lot more.


Menzies: Succinct Summary of Government Help during Covid-19

Menzies: Summary of Government Help

Financial Tips
A great place to get a concise summary of what is available. This accountancy firm is providing a lot of information about the various Government grants and offers available for businesses.


Financial Help During Covid-19

Financial Tips
Martin Lewis has a page dedicated to getting help. A couple of things he mentions that we did not know about was people working from home being able to claim tax relief and self-employed company directors being able to furlough themselves.


HR During Covid 19

HR During Covid 19

What if someone refuses to work during covid-19? Managing a pregnant worker during covid-19. Should I hire an ex-employee so I can furlough them? Just some of the HR questions answered on this great site.

Steve Bank: The Survival Strategy For Your Startup

Business Survival Strategy For Your Startup

Strategy Tips
In this US blog Steve Blank gives practical advice for small businesses and startups on planning for the future for your business.

ActiveGrowth Strategies

Business Strategies In Times Of Uncertainties

Strategy Tips
A great video to help you get your head round the uncertainties of this time and develop a strategy to survive.

ActiveGrowth Opportunities

Opportunities For Business During Covid-19

Strategy Tips
Great video from ActiveGrowth discussing the opportunities that will arise from the Covid-19 crisis, short term and long term. One to get you thinking.

Selling Online

Retail Responses to Covid-19

Moving Online Tips
Shopify has lots of blogs to help businesses move their business online. This article has lots of suggestions to help retailers.

Moving Your Business Online

Moving Your Business Online

This site gives a good step-by-step of everything to consider if you are thinking of moving your business online. Right down to thinking about the best courier service to deliver your products. A good place to start


Marketing During Covid 19

Marketing During Covid-19

This blog has a list of all the things to avoid when marketing in these challenging times. The site also has a blog about Google Ads during covid-19 and other marketing topics. Allow for the fact it is US based.

Squarestar Do's and Don'ts of Social Media during Covid-19

Social Media Do's and Don'ts

Social Media Tips
Some great tips on what to post about on your social media during the Covid-19 challenge.

Mental Wellbeing

Gusto: Emotionally Manage Your Team

Emotionally Managing Your Team

Managing Staff Mental Wellbeing Tips
This American site gives some good tips on how to manage your own emotions and those of your team during these challenges.

MIND: Coronavirus and your wellbeing

MIND: Coronavirus And Your Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing Tips
MIND offers loads of practical advice on looking your mental wellbeing during this time both for people working and not.

Mental Health When Working From Home

Looking After Your Mental Health When Working From Home

Emotional Wellbeing When Working Home Tip
This blog from Mental Health UK gives a succinct summary of key things to do to protect your mental health when working from home.

Video Chat

Video Chats Making You Tired?

Doing a lot more video conferencing both for work and to keep in touch? Finding it challenging and tiring but don't know why. This is a really good article about why, which will also give you an understanding of some of the challenges for business

Working From Home

Computer Repairs in Sudbury

Internet Slow? How to troubleshoot problems

Are you working from home and finding your Internet slow? This blog helps you diagnose why and gives you pointers on how to resolve the speed issues.

Headphones and Headsets

Technology Tips
Working from home it is often difficult to filter out background noise. There are lots of great noise cancelling headsets available. Here are some things to consider.

IT Networks Support and Installation

Remote Working: Business IT Options

Technology Tips
We have had several customers contact us to ask how they can enable remote working. We thought you might find it useful if we summarised the most commonly used options.

App: Toggl

Time Keeping App
Great app if you need help tracking time. Toggl is available on 30 day free trial, which we hope will be all you need it for. You may, however fall in love with it if you love keeping track of your time.

Pomodoro Technique when Working from Home

Pomodoro Technique

Time Keeping Tips
Lots of people who work from home love the Pomodoro technique. It’s simple really: work for 25 minutes, then take a short break. Every 4 ‘Pomodoros’ take a longer break. the longer break is usually around 15-30 minutes.

Nextiva: Working from Home Tips

Nextiva: Working from Home Tips

Working From Home Tips
Many people find working from home challenging - for lots of reasons. There are lots of good tips in this blog (note it was written before the lockdown so not all are currently possible).

Setting up Your Computer and Chair

Setting Up Your Computer and Chairs

This site gives lots of tips for keeping healthy and safe when working from home: with a particular focus on back pain and neck pain.


A purpose during covid-19

Reflections On a Purpose

Time for Reflection
James' blogs are always interesting. This one chats about people having a purpose in these challenging times.