February Quick Cloud Tip: Cloud Servers

Image of a person using a computer on the cloud

Cloud Tip 1: Need to Move Files Between Cloud Servers?

There are so many free Cloud services available that it is easy to end up with some files on iCloud, some in Dropbox and others in Google Drive. One cloud tip is Mover. This isa free app that helps you to transfer data between many of the main Cloud providers, including your own FTP Server.  To find out more click here.

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IT Housekeeping for Business: February = Cloud

February Cloud

“Ransomware — malicious software that encrypts the victim’s files and holds them hostage unless and until the victim pays a ransom in Bitcoin — has emerged as a potent and increasingly common threat online. But many Internet users are unaware that ransomware also can just as easily seize control over files stored on Cloud services.”

More and more businesses use the Cloud for applications, backup and file storage. These companies make it really easy to sign up and use – so easy that businesses often forget to review, analyse and check what they are paying for. Technology moves fast, so you need to check regularly that the benefits and risks (see above quote and link) have not changed. So, this month it would be good to review what you are doing on the Cloud.

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