August Housekeeping = Email Housekeeping

Image of a person doing email housekeeping

Email is now the most important part of most businesses IT. Take away someones access to files and folders and they may moan a little. Take away access to their emails and they will be seriously unhappy. Communication is vital to modern businesses and email is now the most popular form of communication for most small businesses. Yet it is often given less housekeeping attention than the company printer. So August is the month to change this – the month to do some email housekeeping.

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IT Housekeeping for Businesses: March = Lapsed Email Accounts

August Emails

It often feels that it is not possible to get access to anything these days without giving your email address.  Consequently, businesses often create additional and temporary accounts for very specific purposes.  Such as a temporary email to communicate with a specific supplier or business, another account for a consultant or work experience person that was only with the business for a few weeks, a gmail account for Google+ are just a few examples…  Once set up these accounts may be used only sporadically, so it is easy for you to forget them completely.  So March is the month for checking for lapsed email accounts.

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Tips to Help You Manage Your Emails

Image of a person with a pile of Inbox emails

We have noticed that some customers have love/hate relationships with their Inbox. Some tell us that the constant stream of emails is one of the biggest causes of stress.  This is being made worse by Smartphones, which mean that customers have no escape from e-mails at home or when on holiday.  So, in the hope that it may help, here are some tips to help you manage your emails.  Tips that might make life a little less pressured.

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