Get Prepared for Microsoft Stopping Support for Windows 7

Now is a good time to start thinking about replacing or upgrading your Windows 7 computers. Microsoft have said that they will stopping Windows 7 support on 14th January 2020 – this means they will stop issuing security updates. Once this happens your computer security could be compromised (as happened with the old Windows XP … Read more Get Prepared for Microsoft Stopping Support for Windows 7

Computers Booting into Tablet Mode

Recently we have had a couple of customers phone us because all their desktop icons had disappeared, very distressed. Chatting to them it turned out that the problem is computers booting into Tablet Mode. 
So if you suddenly find that you have…
  • No easy access to your desktop
  • No program/app icons on your Taskbar
  • Just lots of tiles on your monitor

Then check if your computer has booted into Tablet Mode.
How to get out of it?
  1. Click on the Windows Start icon
  2. Select the Settings cog
  3. Click on System
  4. Select Tablet Mode
  5. Check When I sign in….

Rebecca Mansbridge
August 2018

Windows 10 Recommended Upgrade trick

We have had lots of customers this week who have found that the latest Windows 10 upgrade trick has resulted in it being installed on their computer when they did not want it.  We have found out that if you close the Microsoft upgrade message then the upgrade will happen.  As so many home users and small businesses are phoning saying that Windows 10 is being installed when they do not want it, I am sending this quick message.  If you have friends or family who you know will not want, or will struggle with, WIndows 10 then please feel free to share this.

Upgrade Message

So, if you get the following message, DO NOT CLOSE the Window – that will not cancel the update.  You have to select Click here to change upgrade schedule to cancel scheduled upgrade.

Read moreWindows 10 Recommended Upgrade trick