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Chappel School

We are their part time ICT Technician

We first visited Chappel School in 2006. Since then we have provided support for the school and their ICT co-ordinator. We act as their ICT Technician visiting every month to help them manage and maintain their curriculum servers, admin computers and pupils laptops. Over the years we have helped with:

  • Monitoring and replacing the curriculum servers, twice
  • Replacing the pupils¬†computers with laptops twice
  • Moving the administration office from a legacy Microsoft server to a smaller peer-to-peer server network
  • Upgrading the office computers and curriculum laptops to Windows 10
  • Setting up and monitoring local and online backup systems
  • Installing Wireless Access Points for the classrooms
  • Setting up new users on the school email system
  • Managing WSUS
  • Managing Internet security software

In fact we assist with everything IT related.  If they have a problem we are the first person they call.

a little about the customer

Primary school running Windows Server 2016 with 28 laptops. Office runs Windows 10 peer-to-peer network with 3 computers.

Want to see how we have helped other schools?

King Edward Grammar School, Chelmsford: we help their ICT Manager with technical queries and upgrades

Image showing man creating Word TrustDo you trust your IT company to be your 'in house' advisor and technician?
Our customers have been trusting us for over 23 years

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