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R D Castings

We manage the IT for R D Castings

R D Castings like their IT to work smoothly, with no hassles. Since 2004 we have been visiting them pro-actively once a month to ensure their computers do just that - run smoothly and efficiently and provide computer support for this busy company. Visits include:

  • Checking their back-up is working correctly
  • Running housekeeping on their server (check disk space, delete temporary files, test restore of a recent backup etc.)
  • Resolving any non-urgent problems that have occurred during the last month
  • Managing staged upgrading of their desktop PCs and server as and when required
  • Installing, upgrading and configuring new software and hardware

We have also helped the company migrate from Novell NetWare through Windows Server 2003 SBS to Windows Server 2008.

a little about the customer

Metal castings manufacturer based in Mildenhall. 1 Windows 2008 server. Approximately 15 PCs.

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CARS, Chedburgh: we visit twice a month to help staff responsible for their IT

Goody Burrett, Colchester: we visit every month to support and manage their IT

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