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Since 1995 we have installed, maintained and managed computer networks

  • Got problems with your IT network?
  • Or do you want to buy new but are struggling to know the best solution for you - cloud - local server - peer-to-peer - virtualised - wired or wireless?
  • Got the network you want but need your network routers, switches, WAPs upgraded?

We can help. We fix, train, advise, manage and install. Knowing the best computer networks solution for you can be challenging.  We can give you the expert view.

Flexibility that fit you

Since 1995 we have been installing, upgrading, administrating, advising and training on all types of networks.  We are happy to help you with networks small and large - whether it is a simple network of just a router and a computer, or a complex structure with multiple servers, and sites.

Computer networks that fit around your business

The smallest network our current customers have is one computer and a router to the Internet.  The largest have large multi-server systems supporting hundreds of computers. We are experienced at finding the IT networking solution that fits you and your business - from the simplest networks to the more complex.

An installation service that fits around your skills

We are happy to do it all for you, or help you manage and administrate your network.  We are also happy to pass our knowledge on, ensuring that you are confident managing your network. We have always provided specialist IT training on servers, routers, WAPS, so can train you as we install.  Our service and training will be customised to you, your business and your skills.

So if you need help or advice contact us.

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"Friendly, efficient service, with a good result!"
Carol, Goody Burrett

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Do you trust your IT company to remain calm when there is an IT crisis?
Our customers have been trusting us for over 23 years



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