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Fix IT Problems

Need someone to fix your computer and IT problems?


Since 1995 we have fixed thousands of computer and IT challenges. We don't just fix your IT.  Wherever possible, we will advise you on what can be done to ensure it won't happen again. We are also happy to guide you or your computer team through what needs to be done if you want us to. Experience has proven that if we give you 5 minutes of good advice it can save you a lot of needless ongoing expense and hassle.

There are a variety of ways we can help you - via phone, Internet and on site.

Want help fixing the problem yourself?

We are happy to advise you, help and guide.  Since 1995 we have been helping people like you manage their own IT systems - from individuals interested in computers through to IT departments.

Want to hand all your IT problems over to someone else?

We will be your IT team, actively preventing computer problems from occurring in the first place and fixing them when they do.

So if your IT isn't working as you want, don't worry. We are happy to assist you with problems large and small, technical and simple, and you don't need a support contract to get our help.

So if you need support now contact us.

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"Brilliant service.  Problem solved quickly (within minutes!!)" 

"Technology Tamed is always helpful - support is superb"
Paula, Stuart Korth Associates

"Very friendly and competent, problem solved."
Sharon, Sholley Trolleys

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Do you trust your IT company to fix your problem?
Our customers have been trusting us for over 23 years 


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