IT Solutions for Businesses

How much better would it be if your IT worked smoothly and effortlessly? We ensure that your business computers, servers and IT make your life easier and keep you competitive.  There will be less hassles, less stress. Top quality support is standard and we offer all the services a modern business needs…

Support Contracts

Support Contracts

Our proactive support contracts will resolve any potential issues before they happen. Tailored to you and your business our support will adapt to you as your business grows.

IT Networks Support and Installation

Networks and Internet

We can help you plan and put in place a network that will ensure you are connected. To the Internet, your server and computers in the office. Securely and safely - ensuring everyone gets the information they need quickly.

Microsoft Servers Installed and Upgraded

Servers Managed

Whether your server is local or online it is the core to accessing and sharing data. Vital to the day to day communications of a modern business. We will ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

ICT for schools

School ICT Support

We will fit our ICT support around your school. We can provide technical back up for ICT Technicians or provide full ICT support if you have no onsite ICT expertise.

Computer Repairs

Pay As You Go IT Support

If you have an IT problem that needs sorting all you need to do is phone. Our pay as you go support requires no contract. Most problems can be resolved with our remote IT services.

IT Projects Managed

Other IT Services

We can provide the technical expertise you need to manage projects, review technical quotes and take your business forward. We can also provide technical training and documentation.

The fastest way to resolve your day to day IT challenges is with telephone and remote assistance. The best way to prevent those challenges happening in the first place is with regular proactive onsite visits. So our IT contracts give you a customer journey that takes away the niggles, gives you the power to work smarter and converts your IT into a powerful tool that aids your business, you and your people.

"Bloody brilliant. Sorted out my screen issue in seconds but also got my second screen all set up plus some other niggly issues done .....cleaned up icons checked for viruses. Top marks"

We provide IT Solutions and Support in the following areas…

We help businesses and schools in Essex and Suffolk, including Braintree, Bury St Edmunds, Colchester, Hadleigh, Halstead, Sudbury and the surrounding areas. If you are unsure, just give us a call and we can tell you whether we are able to help. Many problems can be resolved via the telephone or via remote access and, in fact, we provide specialist technical services throughout the country in this way.

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