A good IT network is critical to your business

Are your IT networks slow?
Want to upgrade but struggling to know the best solution – cloud/local/virtualised/wireless?
Too busy to manage your server and routers yourself?

Getting the best IT network for you and your business can be challenging. That’s where we come in. We can give you the expert view. We plan, implement, support and train IT – and we make it easy. So your network just works, fast and powerful.

Internet and Cloud Servers

Internet, Cloud, RDP and VPN Networks

Connectivity and communication are now essential IT services for the modern business. We can help you become the business you want to be. Get connected in a way that is affordable and robust. Whether it is setting up Office 365, cloud servers, RDP servers, VPN connections – we can help build the best solution for you. Making business communications easy.

Servers that Support your Business

We don’t just install business servers, we upgrade, manage and train on Microsoft servers. We are happy to do it all for you, or to pass our knowledge on and help you take on the day to day administration. Priding ourselves on flexibility – making the complex simple.


Microsoft Server Support for Businesses
IT Networks Support and Installation

IT Networks that Just Work!

You need your IT, server and communications network to work. One that does its’ job so well it is almost invisible to you and your people. We have been designing, installing and managing such networks since 1995 for businesses in Bury St Edmunds, Colchester, Hadleigh, Halstead and Sudbury. Solutions that will be tailor made to you and your business – making your life easier and ensuring your communications are robust and the best you can afford.

"We had an aging and obsolete network running 8 virtualised servers. Technology Tamed helped us streamline our network to a single server running Windows Server 2016 which has proven much easier to manage. They also helped us move from an old email system to Office 365, which is a lot more flexible. As a result of their proactive approach to managing our IT across all our sites everything now runs smoothly with few day to day issues."
Amanda Watts
Treadfirst, Sudbury


There are so many different network choices today. You need the smart choice for you. We have years of experience of guiding businesses to the right solution.


We strive to ensure that you get the most out of your IT systems. So that your time and effort is optimised doing the work that you are so passionate about - the work you love. 


There is nothing worse than finding your business growth restricted by your IT. We know how to design and plan server, networks, communication and Internet solutions that will adapt with you as you grow.

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Do You Trust Your IT Company?

Do you trust your company to give you the system you really need?

Our customers have been trusting us since 1995.