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Server not set up correctly and causing problems?
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At Technology Tamed we have been supplying, support, managing and training on Microsoft servers since 1995. 

Microsoft Servers Installed and Upgraded

Servers Installed and Upgraded

Business servers installed and upgraded with the minimum of fuss. The minimum of disruption. Time and time again customers comment on our Microsoft installations and upgrades – they expect disturbance. We take those extra steps that ensure there are no problems and they are delighted when it all goes so smoothly.

Servers Managed

We take care of your servers so that they just work. No problems. No snags. So you and your people can do the work you love. We will monitor, manage and administrate, ensuring that everything keeps running smoothly and as fast as possible. Servers managed for businesses in Bury St Edmunds, Colchester, Hadleigh, Halstead and Sudbury.

Microsoft Servers Managed
IT Networks Support and Installation

Cloud and RDP

More and more businesses need to be able to access their files from multiple sites. Some choose RDP others Cloud. We can set up and manage both, whichever is the best for you and your business. Ensuring that wherever you are, you can access the files you need.


We want to help you get the business you want. So we will give you a server solution that plans for future growth, thinks ahead about what you might need in the future and considers how the workplace is changing.


We are all about loving what you do. Our ambition is to enable you to focus on that and never think about your servers. They should just be there in the background, running so smoothly you don't think about them.


We believe servers exist to support you. So we make you the focus of our server solutions - not the technology. We ensure we provide you with the server that enables you to fulfill your true business potential.

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Do you trust your IT to supply the most effective server solution?

Our customers have been trusting us since 1995.