There are a range of other services that we offer as IT consultants to SMEs including project management, independent advice, GDPR support, IT training and software documentation.

Project Management

Project Management

As IT consultants we can help you plan, execute and manage IT projects. Everything from strategy and planning, through system design to supplier selection, budgeting and implementation. We are experienced in the management of personnel, finance and IT – everything you need to support you as you implement your plans.

Independent IT Consultants

Independent Technical Advice & Consultants

Do you need a second opinion? Got lots of quotes but struggling to work out which one is right for you? Getting conflicting advice on the best solution for your business?  We can help you evaluate your options. Giving you the technical support you need to select the way forward with confidence.

IT Training

IT Training

Since 1995 we have been providing IT training for businesses, colleges and training organisations. Our IT training is focused on what you need. We won’t waste your time training you on obscure features you will never use. We can train on Microsoft Office, technical support for office ‘experts’, server administration and a lot more.

Help Desk Support

Help Desk Support For Software Developers

Do you love programming but struggle with supporting the users of your software? We have years of experience of providing support for bespoke software. We can install, train and provide the day to day advice, support and guidance that ensures happy customers. Plus, giving you the feedback you need to evaluate future development.

Technical Documentation

Technical and Software Documentation

Since 1995 we have been writing technical and software documentation. Whether it is step by step instructions for end-users or technical documentation for specific markets, we will
produce the documentation you need. Documentation that will guide your customers through the software and make the technical easy. 

GDPR Toolkit


We offer a range of GPDR services for SME’s including a DPO package that is affordable and practical for small businesses. If you haven’t made the changes you need for GDPR yet then we have a toolkit that will guide you through what you need to do – making it easy to put everything into place.

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Why Choose Technology Tamed?

We Make GDPR Easy 

We have helped over a thousand small businesses evaluate their systems and make the changes needed to comply with GDPR. So we know how to make the complex simple and the technical easy.

We Are Truly Independent

We are not linked to computer or software manufacturers. So you can be sure that when we recommend a solution, it is because we believe it is the best choice for you and your business.

We Make the Complex Simple

Over the years we have learnt how to break down complex technical plans and strategies into simple, logical sections. So you can take each step with confidence. We are trainers, so we know how to make it simple.

"Glen was a fantastic trainer who went through the course in detail, answering any questions we had as we went through and he related the course to our needs which was a massive help."
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