IT Support During Covid-19

All businesses are having to adapt how they and their employees work during these challenging times. We feel that good IT support during Covid-19 is an essential tool. 

How We Can Help With IT Support During Covid-19

Enabling BYOD for employees

Some employees may elect to do a combination of working from home and the office. Then BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) may be the best option.

Assisting with downsizing offices or spreading desks across a larger office space

Some employers are deciding to downsize their office. Others are needing to spread employee workstations over a bigger office area. Either way, we can advise on networks, Internet and cabling.

Checking the security of employees home computers and Internet access

If some employees are planning to work from home in the long term, we can help you ensure your data is safe. Assist with evaluating the home computers for security and Internet access.

Setting up VPN for remote access

VPN is the most secure way to set up remote access to work from home. Many businesses didn’t have time to set this up, but if employees will be working from home long term, we are happy to set this up for you.

Enabling 2 step authentication on emails and other security measures

Many employees are now accessing their email from home computers and devices. In this case enabling 2 step authentication gives you the peace of mind that your emails are secure.

Enabling long term access to shared files and folders online

If VPN is not an option for you then you need to think how best to set up long term access to shared files and folders for employees who will choose to work from home long term.

Adapting Our IT Support During Covid-19 to Protect You

We know It is an essential service for businesses during these challenging times. Customers have repeatedly told us how valuable it is to have our help. We want to continue to do this – safely. So, where possible, we will resolve your IT issues remotely.

We are aware, however, that in the longer term you will need our help onsite at times. So we have thought how to do this:

  • We will endeavour to maintain a 2 metre distance from you, your staff and your customers
  • We will bring our own computers and remote into yours on site where possible. In addition we will bring our own keyboards and mouse.
  • If we do need to work at your desk we ask you to clear all none cleanable items. We will then clean your desk both before and after our work. We will keep chat to a minimum whilst at your workspace as the virus can be spread through talking as well as coughing and sneezing
  • Any customer computer equipment we come into contact with will be wiped with alcohol solution before handing to you

We know that all businesses are being asked to adapt at the moment, and adapt fast. Changing the way they work and how their employees work. We can help you, taking some of the hassle away from making these changes. Whilst taking all the precautions needed to ensure that you and your employees are safe.

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