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A selection of our customers, giving you an idea of breadth and scope of IT support we can provide.

Managing A Growing Business

When we first visited CARS back in 1999, the office was just the two directors, working from home. Since them we have supported them throughout their growth to a company of over 50 staff and multiple servers, based in several countries.

IT Support When It’s Needed

Whenever they have an IT challenge or project, large or small, C K Chemicals contact us. They don’t want the commitment of a support contract but do want the confidence of knowing expert help is there when they need it.

Implementing The School’s ICT

We visit monthly to help the school manage their admin and curriculum computers. Acting as the ICT technician, we help with managing the classroom computers. Plus resolving any problems the head and admin team are having.

Getting Everything Up to Date

We helped Charles Fraser update their old IT systems with a modern server and email system that was more reliable and flexible. As a result, they now have regular proactive support that ensures that everything continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

We Are Their IT Team

We provide a full IT support service for Goody Burrett. This means if anyone in the company has a problem they phone us directly. Knowing they won’t get put in an IT ‘queue’. They will speak to someone who knows them and understands their IT set up.

Ensuring They Can Help Customers

Idelo are a busy travel agency in Ipswich, who rely on their IT. If the computers or Internet are down then cannot book holidays. Therefore their support contract with us gives them the assurance that should problems arise, they will be resolved asap.

Technical Help When They Need It

Kall Kwik, Bury St Edmunds, manage a lot of their IT themselves. That said, they turn to us for technical advice, knowing they can tap into our experience. We also help when they have at technical challenge that they cannot resolve themselves.


Ad-hoc Support

If they have a computer or server problem they can’t resolve, Marquis Estates phone us. They also phone for technical advice and assistance. Knowing that often we can give them the little bit of knowledge they need to manage an IT challenge themselves.


We Do IT So They Don’t Need To

R D Castings have handed their IT over us to monitor, support and maintain. The result is we visit every month to ensure everything is running smoothly and install new servers and computers, and prevent future problems from occurring.

We Visit Once A Week

We act as the ICT technician for this busy school. Visiting once a week to help the school manage both the admin and curriculum computers, servers and network. Leaving the school to get on with what they love best – teaching and education.

We Support The ICT Technician

Wentworth employ their own ICT technician who looks after the day to day issues at the school. We visit regularly to provide technical advice and expertise and help with the more complex issues. We also help to resolve any issues that have proven especially challenging.

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