The Client

R D Castings

R D Castings specialise in the manufacture of high quality die castings in both aluminium and zinc. The company is in a challenging market, needing to keep up with a rapidly changing market place. We have helped them ensure that their computers and IT have kept up with changing demands.

The company is too busy to tinker with their IT and computers. Instead they hand everything IT related over to us, confident that we will keep it all running smoothly and advise and manage everything for them.

Their IT

Number of Computers

Approximately 15

Type of Network

Microsoft Windows 2008 server, cabled


Mildenhall, Suffolk

How We Help: Proactive Support with Monthly Visits

This business needs their IT to work smoothly, with no hassles. So in 2004 they asked us to provide a proactive IT support contract – we have been visiting them ever since to ensure their computers and network gives them the IT they need.

We are this company’s IT department, proactively ensuring that everything works as it should. Advising when computers and servers need to be updated or upgraded. Helping with the technical IT decisions of a busy company in a very competitive marketplace. Visiting every month and providing IT support via phone and remote support as they need it. Regular visits include:

  • Checking their back-up is working correctly
  • Running housekeeping on their server (check disk space, delete temporary files, test restore of a recent backup etc.)
  • Resolving any non-urgent problems that have occurred during the last month
  • Managing staged upgrading of their desktop PCs and server as and when required
  • Installing, upgrading and configuring new software and hardware
"Through their proactive approach to managing our computers and their excellent service, TTL have reduced our IT problems significantly. We would have no hesitation recommending them."

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