Chappel C of E Primary School

Chappel School is small but passionate about nurturing pupil independence and self belief.

When we first visited this school in 2006 they had old computers that had loads of problems, in an ICT suite that restricted teaching.  Plus an old RM server and system that they struggled to manage. We helped them move to a standard Microsoft server and a flexible system of laptops that could be used in the classrooms. An IT system that it was much easier for them to control and administrate


Curriculum: approximately 28 laptops and 6 tablets. Administration: 3 computers


Curriculum: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 across a Wired/wireless network. Administration: peer to peer server, cabled


Chappel, Essex

How We Help: Proactive Support with Monthly Visits

Over the years the ICT Co-ordinator’s have changed. We have adapted the support we provide around them. If they are very proactive, we have just given them technical support. If they need us to do more, we do just that. Fitting our service to them. At the moment we act as their ICT Technician visiting every month to help the school manage and maintain their curriculum server, admin computers and pupils laptops. Over the years we have helped with:

  • Monitoring and replacing the curriculum servers, twice
  • Replacing the pupils computers with laptops, twice
  • Upgrading the office computers and curriculum laptops to Windows 10
  • Setting up and monitoring local and online backup systems
  • Installing Wireless Access Points for the classrooms
  • Moving the schools broadband to a new supplier
  • Managing WSUS
  • Managing F-Secure

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