The Client

Goody Burrett LLP

A law firm, Goody Burrett provide a modern service, with expert lawyers providing a full range of advice and legal services to individuals and businesses.

Even when we were not the main IT support company for Goody Burrett they asked us to help with the replacement of their server. The result was that they were so impressed they got us back when they wanted it replaced again. Then in 2014 they asked us to provide proactive IT support.

Number of Computers

Approximately 30 computers

Type of Network

Colchester: Windows Server 2012, cabled
Dunmow: Peer to peer, cabled locally and VPN and RDP to Colchester


Colchester, Essex
Dunmow, Essex

How We Help: We Visit Every Two Months

Goody Burrett asked us to provide a more proactive and personal service than they were getting from their previous supplier. Obviously, we were happy to oblige. Now, we visit every two months to check onsite that everything is running smoothy and staff have no ‘irritating niggles’.  We also help them manage their IT with advice on when computers and servers need to be updated or upgraded. Over the years regular support has included:

  • Setting up new computers and users
  • Upgrading computers to Windows 10
  • Helping with the management of Office 365
  • Installing a new server
  • Reacting quickly when the firm has problems
"Thank you and your team for making the transition to the new server so smooth. When things go well no one notices; but trust me everyone here at GB noticed how well it went. We are grateful for your expertise and those check lists!"

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