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Wentworth Primary School was opened in 1969 and aims to provide a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum. 

Initially we were asked to provide training for the ICT Technician, Rosemary on Windows Server administration. As a result we were asked to provide some technical help and we have been doing that ever since. 


Curriculum: dedicated ICT suite of desktops plus laptops.


Microsoft Windows Server 2016 across a wired and wireless network


Maldon, Essex

How We Help: Monthly Visits to Support the ICT Technician

The school has a very able ICT technician who handles the majority of the day to day ICT issues. We visit once a half term to provide technical backup and support with:

  • Monitoring and managing the server
  • Assisting the school with moving to a new broadband supplier
  • Upgrading computers and laptops to Windows 10
  • Managing WSUS
  • Managing McAfee and EPO

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