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This single form entry school in Suffolk aims to help children achieve their full potential. ICT is vital to supporting this and giving children all the learning opportunities possible.

We first visited the school in 2018 when the school was having lots of problem with their wireless network. It was just not providing the consistent connection needed.

We worked with the school and their ICT technician to update the wireless network and resolve the issues.

A little while later the ICT technician decided to leave the school. Since then we have been visiting the school every week to help them proactively manage their ICT, networks, computers and printers. We also manage their admin network.


Curriculum: dedicated ICT suite of desktops plus laptops and iPads Administration: 5 desktops and laptops


Curriculum: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 across a wired and wireless network Administration: Microsoft Windows Server 2019 across a wired and wireless network


Trimley St Mary, Suffolk

How We Help: Proactive Support with Weekly Visits

The support we have provided has changed as the technical expertise at the school has changed. We now visit every week to provide all the ICT support for both the admin and curriculum systems. Over the years we have helped with:

  • Monitoring and managing the servers
  • Installing a new admin server
  • Replacing computers and laptops as needed
  • Upgrading computers and laptops to Windows 10
  • Setting up and monitoring backup systems
  • Managing WSUS¬†
  • Investigating issues with SmartBoard connectivity

Other Schools We Have Helped

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