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ICT for Schools

ICT for schools - support that slots into your school and your skills

We have been supporting and providing ICT for schools in Essexs since our company came into existence in 1995 and some of those schools are still with us today.  The work we do varies depending on the type of school and the ICT resources you have.

  • If you are small school we can be your ICT team, which means we will visit regularly to maintain your computing equipment, install new computers and resolve issues.
  • At larger schools, we help the ICT staff with expert advice and expertise. So if you need a new server installed we can help. Maybe there is a particularly challenging problem you are struggling to sort out, or where you feel a little bit of expert training would be a real help. Whatever you need from advanced troubleshooting to technical training we can help.

Recognising that school budgets are restricted, we offer several support options, including ad hoc support (where there is no contract, you just contact us as and when you need us) to hourly based contracts with regular visits.

What Can We Help With

Some of the projects we have been involved with over the past 20 years have included:

  • Migration from Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to Server 2008
  • Migration from Microsoft Windows Server 2008 to Server 2012
  • Installation of Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Installation of new computers for the admin network, including creating workgroup networks
  • Roll-out of new computers and laptops
  • Installation of new WiFi solutions
  • Providing training to ICT technicians in server administration
  • Security audits
  • Recovery of Active Directory following a major server issue
  • Installation of WSUS
  • Technical advice

Satisfied Schools include:

Chappel School
King Edward VI Grammar School
Trimley St Mary Primary School
Wentworth Primary School

If you want to discuss how we can support you contact us.

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"Glen was a fantastic trainer who went through the course in detail, answering any questions we had as we went through and he related the course to our needs which was a massive help."
Tom Potter, Thurstable School

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