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We are Pleased to Welcome Simon to our Team

We are pleased to welcome Simon Leach to our team. Simon will be working three days a week from September and will be helping with IT support (and with Healthy Practice support in 2019).

I asked Simon to tell us a little bit about himself...

"My early career was spent in software development and support. Initially on mainframe computers and then PCs as they became commonplace. I then moved into ‘systems integration', which meant that I acquired a broader IT knowledge including hardware, networks, communications etc. From there I moved into project management and then in 1991, into IT Management.

I have worked in large corporate companies, however the majority of my working life has been spent at SME sized organisations in the private, public and third sectors, so I am very familiar with the challenges that IT can pose in smaller businesses.

I have lived in Chelmsford since 1984 and have raised my family there."

The plan is for Simon to be primarily office based, so next time you need remote support he may be the person you speak to.

August 2018

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